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I have a work in front of me now in cleaning up one of my essential tools which is the word ‘No’. This seems like a vast piece of work to do but I will not let that ‘vastness’ be a justification for not making a start.

A picture comes up in my mind of a huge ‘Yes’ written across the sky as the name of my energetic world of consent to everything.

Saying ‘No’ in a ‘Yes’ world is taboo. There are energetic safeguards to stop this happening, built in seductions of my resolve. My responsibility is now to undo the measures which I have put in for my own protection as the system. This complicity I have had within my relationship to and as myself as mind as an ongoing chain reaction of resigned consent, it has to stop with the word ‘No’.

Therefore I have to take out this word and look at how I have defined and lived it. In order to live ‘No’ as a simple expresion of what I will not accept, I have now to disconnect the energetic constructs which I have allowed to accumulate within it, me. Having connected fear to the word ‘No’ I am accepting and allowing self as mind as fear of fear when I act to avoid saying ‘No’, thus in saying ‘No’ to myself as consciousness, I am self sabotaging myself by affirming consciousness in giving reality to fear so that in effect in this situation ‘No’ doesn’t mean ‘No’ at all but ‘Yes’. My ‘No’ has been undermined, it is ineffective.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the state of this word ‘No’ in who and how I am as an excuse to falter in my resolve to change myself and be the change of self, instead of realising that this word has back doors built into it with my consent so that I can continue to be ineffective in ‘trying’ to change, continue to be a victim in my relationship to myself, continue to see self responsibility postponed till later.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to write in a secret get-out clause within the word ‘No’ by accepting and allowing myself to connect fear with the word ‘No’.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realise that in accepting these conditions in myself I am also accepting them for and as others so that the consequence is a world in which the effect of the word ‘No’ has been neutralised.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realise that in saying ‘No’ to the systems in fear I am accepting myself as the system and within this have lost touch with myself as who I am so that the ground on which I stand seems to fall away beneath me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear this feeling of the ground falling away beneath my stand.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself within this as fear of fear and of fear of fear of fear and for not allowing myself to realise that within this vortex I am accepting and allowing mind possession within this starting point of my belief in fear.

When and as I say ‘No’, I say ‘No’ in the simplicity and clarity of myself as No, I do not accept this. I breathe. Every time I say No to myself as the system where once I would have allowed Yes, I am stronger in myself as Self as Life and with this No I take back bit by bit my power as Self as Life.

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I Am Here. Some things do not require an ‘explanation’. Where could an explanation of ‘I Am Here’ possibly lead to, except Away from the point? It’s the same with the Equality Message which follows directly out of our shared I-am-here-ness; does this really need to be explained?

Looking at this I realize how much my need to understand is like a controlling mechanism, I am trying to encompass it with and as my mind, and as a reflection of this I am offering such an approach to an other by means of an explanation through which an understanding of the mind might possibly result. In this process real communication is abandoned for the sake of validation of my ego.

Since our equality as substantial beings is beyond debate, the questioning of the validity of a system based on equality can only be a projection of fear, an attempt to somehow justify a denial of what is real. And yet somehow I miss this point over and over allowing this self seduction into and as a chain of lifeless words.

How to stay with my breath in these moments of meeting, how to stay with the reality of I am Here as Life, present. These are the issues which I lay aside. By laying my reality aside I have turned it into an ‘issue’. That means I have re-integrated as an outpost of mind-control. The realization of this being what I am doing is part of this exasperation which I feel, remembering the starting point of “hey here we are in Life!” but somehow I have allowed Life to fall down empty.

That must be the greatest insult in the universe.

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