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What’s in a kiss?

For weeks we have been reminded daily of the up-and-coming most-important-event in the Universe, the Royal Wedding. If the simple question ever came up, which it didn’t; what does the Royal Family represent in the world and stand for? The answer has been provided produced choreographed and glamorized sumptuously in-your-face with a seemingly unlimited budget. No disappointment for those in hope of ¬†an orgasmic media event, and no disappointment for those who look through the papers in hope of finding a glimpse at the actual problem. I mean, the problem is there in every article we read, and every picture we see, with the focus on some distraction. Here we have it in panoramic technicolor.

In this event we are encouraged to celebrate the securing of succession of the money system as represented by the Royal Family. Astronomical wealth, inherited power, land ownership, elitism, celebrity, the subservience of the church to money, the subservience of the media to money, the subservience of the politicians to the Royals. How about this for a detail: the Royal Air Force fly-by timed to the First Royal Kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. What’s in a kiss?

And who directed this movie?


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