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Intoxicated means Poisoned.

We’ve had government sanctioned lies.

We’ve had government sanctioned debt.

We’ve had government sanctioned poverty.

We’ve had government sanctioned unemployment.

We’ve had government sanctioned greed.

We’ve had government sanctioned killing of humans.

We’ve had government sanctioned destruction of life.


Now for government sanctioned ‘fun’.


In the uk the model of sociability which is sanctioned by the government is that you go to a meeting place and you take the government approved drug which is called alcohol. The message is that this is an acceptable form of fun. So it remains a part of our culture that a social occasion is mostly a drinking occasion, when sociability and alcoholic inebriation are inseparable. The symptoms of this combination are instantly recognisable; there is a sort of emphatic loudness to the laughter, as time passes it becomes more and more compulsive and infectious. If you sit in a pub from the early evening you will notice how the volume of the chatter suddenly goes up after the first couple of drinks get into the bloodstream. And the chatter gradually becomes banter, with more and more constant squealing and giggling until the evening is in full swing when everyone has to shout into each other’s ears and the babble has become a full on roar. This is government sanctioned programmed ‘fun’.

What would have become of this evening if there had been no alcohol, if people had  congregated just to express themselves to each other, just to commune, just to communicate? I suppose the atmosphere would be more like that of a coffee house or a café. Perhaps there might have been realisations of some of the problems which we all face, perhaps we might have been discussing common sense solutions about what might be best for all of us, given the circumstances. Or the problem of our accepted oppression which evidently we need so desparately to relieve with alcohol. This need is what we are showing ourselves with the alcohol. Why we cannot let ourselves enjoy ourselves on a social level without taking drugs seems like a good question. If we are talking about fear, then let’s share it, expose it, take responsibility for it and forgive ourselves for allowing ourselves to accept it.

I mean here we are in this truly amazing situation which is being alive in physical reality. Perhaps we might have been meeting each other in all sincerity as life. LIFE.  Instead what we have accepted for ourselves is our shared time together degenerating into a bit of a joke, a competition between egos, a justification for all kinds of abuse under the unquestionable aegis of good humour, where everything can be laughed off or suppressed, including who we really are.

This is absurd.

How it is technically that alcohol enhances our confidence in ourselves as our programmes I do not understand, but that it is so can be seen very easily when I sit in a bar drinking water while the personalities around me become expansive and loud, and suddenly different. They become somehow top-heavy, more forward, their heads seem to lead the way while the rest of their bodies seem to trail behind,  catching up. They become creatures of the mind. Suddenly a light comes on and they are absolutely brilliant, they become all fast and witty, sharp and spiteful or very blunt. They spew out knowledge and information, they become strongly held opinions and judgements, they become emotional reactions. It is the world of the mind where nothing that is real matters, and where things which are unreal matter a lot. This is government sanctioned programmed ‘fun’. It does not support life. It does not support change.


I know what it’s like because I have done this, I have gone round in circles for years, made up of going round in smaller circles each day, I have experienced it over and over again, but I have stopped. I refuse to accept any more myself as this programmed system of consciousness, and I refuse to support any more this consciousness with this ego lubricating drug called alcohol.


Through change of self, change the world.







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