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In terms of walking the tools of Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness and Self Correction, I as a Destonian, can call myself a ‘walker’.

Seeing realizing and understanding how I am walking my Self through and as the mind, through this Self as Ego, through this total mind experience which I have existed in and which I have accepted and allowed as a reality, I find this reality itself to be nothing more than my belief, a consensual consequence of the projection of the mind of Self as humanity as a whole. Yes physical consequence, but not as I have seen it with my eyes, any more than I have seen the mind through which I am projecting the separation which I have accepted and allowed as myself.

Realisation of my responsibility as the source of this is not constant. I walk along breath by breath, sometimes falling into participation with experience, reaction. Sharing and expressing what this is that I am walking seems at once the most important thing and the most difficult thing. Every word seems preloaded and sabotaged by this medium of Ego. Like for example the word Equality. Absorbed and then re-marketed, it becomes an energetic entity, a political preference, a slogan, a kind of relationship, a comparison of separated quantities, in this process the actual significance of Equality as a key to Self as Life has then been successfully avoided. That real sharing and real communication is impossible without Equality is a fact that could potentially destroy the ego.


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