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The Self that I can remember as me Here was born into this physical world half-way through last century. This worldwide culture that I was born into has no specific name, though it’s chief characteristics are Acceptance and Allowance. The particular design of this acceptance and allowance which I was born into was according to the state/location of England, to English parents, accepting and allowing myself to be defined as ‘English’, to wear the mantle of ‘English’ history, and to subscribe to ‘English’ attitudes and opinions while all the people around me did likewise. Soon we were all busy handing out this stuff to each other, having accepted and allowed the specific inputs of our media/education and positioning ourselves within the accepted parameters of the culture.

If I had been born elsewhere I would have applied the culture of acceptance and allowance according to that state/place. The cardinal principle of this world wide culture is to hand over our power of self responsibility so that we can then be defined and limited by those around us and ourselves which is as a mind experience of consciousness. No matter where we have happened to be born on this Earth we grow up in and as this acceptance and belief of Self being an individual separated entity, isolated in the mystery of an energetic triangle of thought, feeling and emotion.

The systems that we have devised to back up our surrender of responsibility as Life is a construct of thought, which is religion. With this we recount various old and ancient codes and scripts which tell us that there is in fact an invisible superpower which has all responsibility, which is in absolute control of human destiny. How mad is that?

The facts of physical reality of how we have messed up so extensively with each other and this world in the application of this culture of acceptance and allowance only add to our fear of the suggestion that we might possibly be responsible for what has happened, leading us to hope even more fervently for the reality of this invisible superpower, and for us to glorify this activity of belief and faith as if it is a superior ability of ourselves as humans.

It is hard for us to see that what we have bought into with our belief in God and all the splendours of an after-life is a system of slavery on Earth, because when we have a look, no responsibility does not equal freedom, no responsibility equals slavery.

The ultimate achievement of brainwashing would be the achievement of an unquestionable reality. Is this what we’ve got? Is this culture of acceptance and allowance so oppressive that we dare not look beyond? That we cannot look at our ‘religion’ and ask ourselves, so, what is the source of our fear of responsibility, and is it real?

There IS a solution.

We can wake each other and ourselves up. We can dare to look into the bigger ‘picture’ of Self Here. Together we can change this world. We can make it into a world that’s Best for All.

One plus One we can make a difference. Come and join us.



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