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In the supermarket.


I was walking around in a supermarket, I believed that if I looked through the selection of products I might find something which I wanted to eat.  In one of the aisles there was a little boy, must have been 2 or 3 years old. He was touching everything he could reach with his hands, trailing them along, feeling the surfaces of lids and packets on the bottom shelves while his mother advanced further and further ahead, pushing along her trolley. For him there was no time and money equation, no hurry in the world. His hands were checking everything they could, that is he was resting the palm of his hand on the plastic lids or wrappers, trailing his fingers as he drifted along, jumping them through space from one surface to the next. His progression along the aisle was like a dance of hands. Then he stopped walking and just stood there with both hands hanging loosely in the air, and then slowly slowly his right hand raised itself up and opened like a flower floating, just feeling the air.

Recognizing a picture of a raised hand as a symbol in my mind, this thought came up, that ‘he is waving to me’. I checked his eyes, but they were not focused on anything, he was not ‘waving’ to me, not seeing me, I was not in his picture. What had happed to me at this point was that I had gone into a sort of startle, selecting some construct of relationship in my mind. That if he was waving to me then there was something I should do, like go through a menu of appropriate reactions and select, walk down an aisle of symbolic products in my own supermarket of consciousness. In a moment I had gone from simply watching this being to acceptance and allowance of myself as a reaction of energy, as a factor in some algorithm, compiling myself back into the matrix of the system.



In either case, there is a point of sale, that point where the money is transferred, I am given a piece of paper with a record of the exact time and date of the transaction. Numbers have been crunched and ripples go out into digital displays across the world. Someone becomes richer someone becomes poorer, and someone starves because I have signed a decree that their food should be taken away, and somewhere in a township or a maggot farm a young child giggles and raises their fingers into the breeze.


Underneath the nightmare, there is another nightmare, only it’s the same one in close-up. Underneath the nightmare of capitalism and consumerism, there is the nightmare of this accepted consciousness in the mind which is the intricate mechanism of self-interest, fear and greed. Underneath the nightmare of the hell which we have created in other ‘countries,’ is the nightmare of other people accepting and allowing our abuse.


Introduced into the ecosystem of our organic being, this alien disc of gold that puts money into all the eyes of the world, that severs and then bridges a gap between the physical and the mind, so that every thought holds some reference to money, to survive.


Is there anything in this supermarket to eat that hasn’t come out of a secret hell in some far away ‘other’ ‘country’?


Take a look at the documentary ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’. Have a look at a close up study of just one of the sucking tentacles of millions that make up this monster which we participate in. See here how abuse slides into atrocity. Here is the hell we have created in Tanzania, the realities which we do not see when we buy into our pretty pictures in the supermarket. Artificially and deliberately created poverty disease and war are the processes that surround and spread out from the consumer system.

Have a look at the eyes that look up at to the sky and see the European jets bringing in their money making cargoes of death machines and taking away their food. Underneath the hell exposed by this documentary is another hell which isn’t even covered, in which human bodies float down the rivers into the lake, coming from another hell, Rwanda.

Following the strings which are attached to all our goods lead into places such as this. Places where deaths are not recorded, and people are not named.


This system is entirely a reflection of who we have accepted ourselves to be, which has accumulated into an insult to Life. We have to stop this. We can stop this. We can change ourselves. We can change this system of atrocity and abuse.


Investigate EqualMoney.org.

Investigate yourself with support from desteni.co.za.



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